The unstoppable rise of a collaborative economy: Shane Hughes at TEDxLausanne (by TEDx Talks via @mbawuens)

This short documentary explores ongoing resistance and self-organization in the midst of the economic and social crisis in Madrid, Spain.


Pieces of Madrid (by brandon jourdan)

Sharing Sweeps Local Elections in Silver Lake


Turns out that the sharing economy is building community in more ways than one.

After a successful campaign to advance sharing in Silver Lake, Peers leaders Matt Desario, Heather Carson and Hope Taylor-Arnold decided to continue the momentum. Based on their experience championing homesharing in their community, the two were moved to continue to engage in community leadership, and recently won seats on their local neighborhood council. Their platform included support for the sharing economy through responsible short-term rentals, as well as sharing tools and parenting cooperatives.  

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The City as a Lab: Open Innovation meets the Collaborative Economy

Jeremy Rifkin: “The Zero Marginal Cost Society” | Authors at Google (by Talks at Google)

Prosperity means places. (#12) - Another Place for Me (by Gracen Johnson)

Open Source Urbanism: Public Space


Public Space, Sentient Space

According to Daniel Innerarty, in the city the homogeneous and non changing area is nothing more than an extreme case within a global area of connected local multiplicities. Instead of neighbourhoods, local networks are developed, and public debate takes place in a virtual area. In this scenario, streets and squares have ceased to be the main meeting areas.

Internet seems to offer an alternative space for social relationships as compared to traditional spaces. This can be seen as a problem leading to empty public spaces; or on the contrary, it can be considered an extraordinary opportunity to strengthen social relationships by creating the necessary budgets to improve the vitality of public spaces. Today the Internet is the place where community models of management are being experimented.

Trampolinn, the home sharing community

Use your home to travel for free anywhere in the world. 
The concept is simple: create a profile and a listing (entire home/private room/couch…) to become a member, then host and make points that you can spend to stay at any member’s wherever and whenever you want.


The Collaborative Economy: How sharing is powering a sustainable future - MaRS Global Leadership (by MaRS Discovery District)