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Last summer, I highlighted the new (some temporary) public spaces that popped up in the city. Here are Vancouver’s new public spaces this year. Enjoy them while the weather allows.

Urban Reef


Each summer, the 500 block of Robson Street (between Howe and Hornby…

Nice work, Vancouver!



I’ve noticed my attire seems to prompt certain responses in other road users. How do I know it’s not just an off day? Because I have the ability to change clothes.

I’m called out on my appearance daily as I go about my business on public streets without the cover of a car. Even “ordinary” attire has drawbacks. It’s no surprise most days I find myself dressing to get the reaction I want when I bike. Or at least, the most benign reaction. 

But no matter what I’m wearing it’s still just me: complex, multidimensional, and in awesome shape. 

Bikeyface, 23.04.14



On the Money, Networked Society.

A film about money, value and trust in the Networked Society.
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Can ICT change how we define value and interact with money? On The Money is the fourth documentary film in the Networked Society series. This time we look at money systems and how connectivity is creating a new game when it comes to trading — both in value and trust. We visit Uganda to find a nation where cash is no longer king; we meet Memoto, a start-up that sought venture capital through crowdfunding; and we talk to AirBnB about trust and the rise of a ‘reputation economy’.